Toddlers do it, so can you

I love to watch toddlers eat. If I had my druthers, I would choose a table in a restaraunt with a  view of a little guy or gal eating. They are perfect examples of normal eaters.

How do I know this? Because when he feels hunger coming on, he let’s everyone know! He sounds the signal, whatever he has found that works. For my son, it was shaking the high chair. For my daughter, it was pointing at the cupboard. Some kids know other ways of communicating. If the parent doesn’t respond, the signal gets louder. Young children are very certain of when they are hungry and need food.

Next, the responsive parent sits them down with some food in front of them. Often the toddler will pick and choose what he wants to eat. The rest will be left untouched or, more dramatically, go over the side. Even though there is food left, the toddler may want more of whatever it was he found to be tasty. Terrific–he knows his appetite!

All of a sudden, the determined eater just stops. Wants no more. Demands to get down. Throws a fit! No matter what the parent does, he won’t eat another bite. You gotta love it. The toddler is full and knows it.

Call it satiety, the very thing that many adults want to rediscover. Trust me, and yourself–it’s still there.


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