New Year’s Resolution: Live Well

We’re fast approaching the New Year when many people make resolutions to turn over a new leaf, improving some aspect of their lives. Eating and exercise habits often top the list of resolutions. If they’re on your list, consider making this resolution each day of the new year:        

      Today, I will try to feed my body when I am hungry.* Your body needs refueling several times a day. Identify a pattern of meals and snacks that works for you.

      Today, I will try to be attentive to how foods taste and make me feel.*  Giving permission to eat allows you to slow down and enjoy the foods that bring you pleasure.

      Today, I will try to choose foods that I like and that make me feel good.*  Letting your appetite guide your food choices will ensure that your mouth is satisfied as well as your stomach.

       Today, I will try to respect my body’s signals of fullness.*  Eat as much as you want.  You’ll know when to quit—when you are pleasantly filled-up. 

       Today, I will try to find an enjoyable way to move my body.*  It’s easier to maintain an active lifestyle when you enjoy what you’re doing.

       Today, I will try to look kindly at my body and to treat it with love and respect.Your body is the way it is and it’s okay.  Wearing stylish clothing that fits, being well groomed and taking care of your looks projects a positive image to others and to yourself. 

Happy New Year!

 *Live Well Pledge (in bold) is an excerpt from Health at Every Size: The Surprising Truth About Your Weight  © 2008 by Linda Bacon. May be freely distributed, provided that it remains in its entirety and this copyright message appears.


2 comments so far

  1. Tim Woods on

    Thanks. Great post. I like that idea of thinking about how foods make you feel. I think personally I too often just eat whatever I can make quickly, rather than taking the time to make the food I deserve. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Peggy Crum on

      Thanks for reading! Appetite defines what you want to eat. By paying attention to your appetite, paradoxically, you eat more variety. And variety is the essence of good nutrition. Paying attention also lets you notice how you feel which leads you back to good tasting and satisfying foods. That’s not to say that no meal should be quick and easy. Sometimes in the course of feeding yourself, that is necessary and okay. Notice how you feel after eating on the run. Most likely, it will reinforce taking the time to prepare and eat the foods your body desires.

      Happy eating in the New Year!

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